Our beneficiary this year is Kaile Norris. Kaile is 22 years old, and a former student at Abilene Christian University. Three years ago, when she was a sophomore at ACU, she started started getting sick after every meal. After two weeks, she was unable to hold down even a sip of water. Since January 2015, she has been unable to hold down a crumb of food or a sip of water. In April 2015, she was diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease called gastroparesis (the paralysis of the stomach). After losing 40 pounds from 4 months of starvation and weekly IVs to stay alive, she had a feeding tube placed into her small intestine for food. She started tube feeds and regained her strength, and was even able to return to school in fall of 2015.

A few months after returning to school, Kaile started feeling unwell and getting severe abdominal pain. She went to her gastroenterologist, and he did an endoscopy. After the procedure, the doctor came in and told her he saw no movement in her small intestine. With partially functioning intestines, and many doctors visits and tests ahead, she had to medically withdraw from school. After leaving school, she was admitted to the hospital for a month to try and get her nutrition up and figure out why this was happening. Her doctor did not understand why she was getting worse or how to help, so she started looking for another doctor.

Due to the loss of movement in her intestines, she could not take in as much formula as she could before. After nine months, she was consuming 200 calories a day. Kaile was down to 85lbs, totaling a loss of over 70lbs. Finally, a doctor in Houston found out she had more than just gastroparesis; she was diagnosed with five chronic illnesses. Each diagnosis helps to figure out why she has gastroparesis. However, no answer has held a cure. She has tried every medicine and treatment there is left, but continues to decline. She has been admitted to the hospital multiple times from malnutrition. Her kidneys and liver are going into failure and she has begun TPN (IV nutrition). Since April, she has been completely IV fed. TPN has saved Kalie’s life, but it is also killing her. Every 4-6 weeks she goes septic from deadly bacteria in her blood. Each sepsis has a 20% chance of death. On her birthday this year, she survived septic shock, which has a 50% chance of death. She is traveling to Mexico for stem cell treatment, one of her last options for a cure. Kaile is facing a severely reduced life span, but has not been given a number due to the rarity of her situation.

Through it all, Kaile praises God for His goodness and faithfulness. Kaile got married in January and has extensive hospital bills. Please consider partnering with us as we try to cover her hospital bills and take as much of this burden off as possible.

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